About EMTP Alliance

About the EMTP Alliance

The EMTP Alliance was formed in 2018 between PGSTech and Powersys. The aim of the EMTP Alliance is to develop, market, commercialize EMTP® worldwide as well as to provide technical support and offer consulting services to EMTP® users.
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About Powersys

Powersys is a consulting company providing global solutions of engineering software and services in the field of electrical power systems.
In the EMTP Alliance, Powersys is responsible for marketing and commercialization of EMTP® as well as the pre-sales and after-sales technical support.
For more information on POWERSYS activities, please visit our website at www.powersys-solutions.com.


About PGSTech

PGSTech is a consulting company specialized in the development of software for power system simulations and in power system studies.
In the EMTP Alliance, PGSTech is in charge of EMTP® software development and top-level support. PGSTech is also in charge of all consulting services with EMTP®.

PGSTech oversees all activities related to EMTP® development and marketing.

The office is located at :
2120 Sherbrooke Est,
Suite 800,
Montréal, Québec H2K 1C3