The Translator function is for taking an EMTP-V3 data file and for converting it into a special format for EMTP-RV. This format is not the same as the official EMTP-EMTPWorks Netlist format.


The Translator function was developed and maintained during the initial stages of EMTP-RV development. It was used mainly for validation purposes. As EMTP-RV started exceeding the capabilities of EMTP, the translator became more and more difficult to maintain. It is provided here for testing and can work successfully in some cases. The problem is that there is no one-to-one match between EMTP-V3 and EMTP-RV models, simulation methods and simulation options. Due to the complexity and at the same time limitations in the format of EMTP-V3, translating is not worthwhile. User experience proves that old EMTP-V3 cases can be easily and very quickly recreated by redrawing into EMTPWorks. This is the recommended pattern.


Although in several cases, EMTP-V3 and EMTP-RV will give almost the same answers, there are cases where differences may be observed. This is normal, since the new EMTP-RV has better computational techniques and has corrected glitches and limitations that were existing in EMTP-V3.


The cases were dramatic differences may occur are those using EMTP-V3 TACS (Transient Analysis of Control Systems) components. There are significant improvements in the solution methods used in EMTP-RV for solving control systems. A large number of EMTP-V3 cases had extra compensation blocks for correcting limitations and fixing delays in TACS. These will now create problems. It is strongly recommended to simply recreate old cases in EMTPWorks. EMTPWorks offers a TACS (TACS.clf) library that imitates the TACS devices of EMTP-V3.


An extra function “Data converter” from the options.clf library can be used to translate partial data from EMTP-V3 files and copy/paste data into EMTPWorks data forms.



As indicated above, there are several cases where the translator will fail. Here are some examples of unsupported features from EMTP-V3:

q       Several Miscellaneous data card options are not translatable. Warning or error messages are given in some cases.

q       Statistical analysis options are not translated, they are simply skipped. This is also true for statistical switches.

q       Some output or plot request options are not translated.

q       Since there is no one-to-one match between models and specially for TACS, the translator tries to find the closest match and may fail in some cases.

q       Some devices, such as all versions of the hysteretic reactor model in EMTP-V3, have been abandoned in EMTP-RV, so no translation is available.