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IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Conference & Exposition

Date : 2018/04/17
Place : Denver, USA
Booth number : 4102

The IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition attracts leading companies and individuals from around the world to take part as both exhibitors and attendees. Our robust and immersive conference program allows attendees the opportunity to hear engaging talks in intimate settings, browse new technologies and hands-on demonstrations in the exhibition hall and network with other industry professionals.


You are welcome to attend a special technical session at the IEEE PES T&D  Power systems Transients Analysis with EMTP


Session Date:  Wednesday 4/18

Session Time (Start _ End): 4:00 _ 5:00 pm

Room Assigned: 707


This tutorial will cover the basics of Power System Transient analysis. How to model power systems, where to find typical data and what scenarios to run are as many questions that will be addressed. The software EMTP is used for demonstrating concepts and the following are some of the practical cases that will be covered during this tutorial:


·        Transformer switching

·        Lightning analysis and insulation coordination

·        Modeling of renewable energy sources for interconnection studies.



Speaker Name: Emmanuel RUTOVIC, Director of Operations