Modular Multilevel Matrix Converter for Low-Frequency AC Transmission – modeling and Simulation in EMTP

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Authors: Rafael Castillo-Sierra and Giri Venkataramanan
The transmission of power with AC faces limitations both to the stable operation of the electrical system and to the physical properties of the transmission lines. Therefore, alternatives are being sought to mitigate these problems without the need to build new lines or replace existing ones with new, more powerful ones. In this context, a proven method makes it possible to overcome these problems by reducing the frequency at which power is transmitted. This method is known as Low Frequency AC Transmission (LFAC). In this sense, the model presented in this Research Contribution Prize Program EMTP® 2021 shows the implementation of a low-frequency transmission line in a small power system. The model presented shows a new block in EMTP of the AC/AC converter used, the Modular Multilevel Matrix Converter (MMMC) and the controls necessary for its operation. Time domain studies show that the technology is feasible and has the potential to improve the controllability and stability of transmission systems.

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