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Interaction Between Grounding Systems and Nearby Lightning for the Calculation of Overvoltages in Overhead Distribution Lines

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The aim of the paper is to analyze overvoltages in overhead distribution lines induced by nearby lightning return stroke currents taking into account also the conductive coupling between the lightning current injected into the soil and the line’s grounding system. Experimental results obtained in 2003 at the International Center for Lightning Research and Testing (ICLRT) in Florida have shown that significant currents were coupled with an overhead experimental line through its grounding system by nearby rocket-triggered lightning.
The paper first proposes a conductive coupling model between the lightning current injected into the soil and the nearby line grounding system, then presents the incorporation of such a model into the LIOV-EMTP computer code. The paper finally presents an experimental validation of the proposed models by making reference to results obtained during the above-mentioned triggered-lightning campaign.

Authors: F. Napolitano, M. Paolone, A. Borghetti, C.A. Nucci, F. Rachidi, V.A. Rakov, J. Schoene and M. A. Uman

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