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Assessment of the Lightning Performance of Compact Overhead Distribution Lines

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The assessment of the lightning performance of a compact configuration of MV overhead lines that is expected to be adopted in the near future by an electricity distribution company in a Brazilian region characterized by high keraunic levels is presented. The compact configuration is characterized by the presence of an unenergized wire that has the main function to sustain the spacers of the phase conductors. As the wire could be periodically grounded, the paper analyses its effectiveness in reducing the overvoltages due to indirect lightning. The results are compared with those relevant to a conventional configuration of MV overhead lines now adopted by the same distribution company. The effects of the presence of surge arresters along the line are also analysed.

Authors: F. Napolitano, A. Borghetti, D. Messori, C.A. Nucci, M.L.B. Martinez, G.P. Lopes, J.I.L. Uchoa

CIGRE SC C4 2012 Hakodate Colloquium

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