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Indirect Lightning Performance of a Real Distribution Network with focus on Transformer Protection

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The paper applies the Monte Carlo procedure proposed by the Authors to evaluate the indirect lightning performance of a real medium-voltage distribution network, which includes feeders and laterals, poles, secondary substations and surge protection devices. Such a procedure allows inferring the amplitude of lightning-induced voltages at any point and any phase of the network. The analysis presented in this paper aims at assessing the expected mean time between failures of each MV/LV transformer caused by indirect lightning strikes.
A heuristic technique has been specifically developed to reduce the computational effort despite the non-linear response of the network enhanced by the presence of surge arresters.

Authors: Alberto Borghetti, Fabio Napolitano, Carlo Alberto Nucci, Fabio Tossani, Gilnei J. G. Dos Santos, Donorvan R. Fagundes, Gustavo P. Lopes, Manuel L. B. Martinez

2014 International Conference on Lightning Protection (ICLP), Shanghai, China

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