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Selection of MV/LV Transformers to be Protected by Surge Arresters against Indirect Lightning Overvoltages

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The papers addresses the problem of locating surge protective devices in a medium voltage distribution network by means of an accurate computer model for the calculation of lightning induced overvoltages and a Monte Carlo statistical procedure. The indirect lightning performance of small network cells of different configuration are evaluated and used as a benchmark for the validation of the surge arrester locations provided by a genetic algorithm procedure. The obtained results appear useful for the lightning protection design of networks
with complex topology.

Authors: Alberto Borghetti, Fabio Napolitano, Carlo Alberto Nucci, Fabio Tossani, Gilnei J. G. Dos Santos, Donorvan R. Fagundes, Gustavo P. Lopes, Manuel L. B. Martinez

2014 International Conference on Lightning Protection (ICLP), Shanghai, China

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