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Indirect-Lightning Performance of Overhead Distribution Networks With Complex Topology

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The paper deals with the evaluation of the indirect-lightning performance of overhead distribution networks. The novelty of this contribution is that it takes into account the inherent complexity of distribution networks. These networks are indeed characterized by a plurality of lines (main feeder and laterals) and also by the presence of typical power components (e.g., transformers and surge arresters); they consequently differ considerably from the straight line configuration generally adopted in this type of studies.
To accomplish such an evaluation we have extended the general procedure already presented in a previous paper based on the use of the LIOV code along with the Monte Carlo method. The extended procedure combines the advantage of the LIOV-EMTP computer code—that allows the calculation of lightning-induced voltages in complex distribution networks—with a heuristic technique specifically developed and integrated in the Monte Carlo routine in order to reduce the computational effort. The application of the proposed procedure to a set of distribution overhead networks characterized by different topologies, but all of the same length, shows that, in general, the usual single straight-line approach may result into a misestimation of the indirect-lightning performance. The paper also analyzes and discusses the influence of both the line terminations, and the position of the line poles.

Authors: Alberto Borghetti, Senior Member, IEEE, Carlo Alberto Nucci, Fellow, IEEE, and Mario Paolone, Member, IEEE


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