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This is a nice video about the switching of a shunt reactor (most probably 500 kV) with a Circuit-Switcher.
>A circuit-switcher is a SF6 load-break swith with no fault current breaking capability. The load current, in this case around 150 A, is normally interrupted first by the 2 interrupters and then the disconnect will open to isolate the reactor.
What happened in this video:
1 - During the opening, an external flashover occurs on one of the chamber most probably because of the contamination;
2 - The other chamber can not withstand the whole voltage and reignites internally;
3 - The external flashover vanishes because an arc is established inside;
4 - The disconnect opens on the full load current;
5 - The arc burns freely in the air for some 10 seconds until it is self-extinguished or eliminated by a circuit-breaker operation.

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