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Analysis of black-startup and islanding capabilities of a combined cycle power plant

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The paper presents the analysis of black-startup and islanding capabilities of an 80 MW combined cycle power plant. The analysis is carried out by means of a computer dynamic simulator suitably developed in the EMTP-RV simulation environment in order to represent both the power plant and the local network with the relevant loads. The paper describes the main characteristics of the implemented models and presents the analysis of transients due to both energization and islanding manoeuvres. The former simulations aim at verifying the feasibility of the energization of the path from a turbo gas unit, with autonomous black-start capabilities, to the local distribution network loads. The latter simulations allow the analysis of different islanding strategies for rather large levels of power exported to the external transmission network.

Authors: A. Borghetti, C.A. Nucci, M. Paolone, M. Bosetti, G. Ciappi, A. Solari

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