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See Proton exchange Membrane water electrolyzer
Author: Mihajlo
Type: Model
Downloaded: 36 times
Date: 2020-12-10
* 1 vote(s)

Proton exchange Membrane water electrolyzer

Proton exchange membrane water electrolyzer file includes:
• Proton exchange membrane water electrolyzer documentation
• EMTP file that consists of:
o EMTP model and its subcircuits... see more
Tag(s): hydrogen, fuel cell, proton exchange membrane, hydrogen storage

See Change load power from an external file
Author: h.gras
Type: Example
Downloaded: 275 times
Date: 2018-01-02
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Change load power from an external file

This example illustrates how to read data from an external file and automatically update devices parameters in the design. In this example, the device is a load.
Double click on Update Parameters... see more
Tag(s): script, parametric, file, external, automate, Load

See Breaker for TRV
Author: h.gras
Type: Model
Downloaded: 677 times
Date: 2016-02-26
* 5 vote(s)

Breaker for TRV

Breaker for TRV. It draws the inherent TRV envelop according to the standard IEC 62271-100. It also contains a library of breaker stray capacitances and can simulate the prestrikes, restrikes and reig... see more
Tag(s): TRV breaker, prestrike, restrike, reignition, recovery

See EMTP-RV to Matlab
Author: e.rutovic
Type: Example
Downloaded: 560 times
Date: 2013-02-20
* 0 vote(s)

EMTP-RV to Matlab

This script imports the EMTP-RV output data inside the Matlab Workspace.
The files with the extension ".mda" and ".m" must be placed inside the Matlab current ... see more
Tag(s): Matlab, Script

See Extra control of machines - IEEE AVR
Author: gerinlajoie.luc
Type: Model
Downloaded: 387 times
Date: 2012-11-23
* 4 vote(s)

Extra control of machines - IEEE AVR

The proposed AVR sub-circuit models consist of a few IEEE 421 standard exciter[1] and Power Systems Stabilizer and governor. Don't forget to click the require observed signals in the SM device, see O... see more
Tag(s): Components

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