Advanced training with EMTP - Montreal

Training objectives

The objective of this course is to give to beginner and intermediate participants a good hands-on experience on the simulation and analysis of power systems transients in general. The course is based on the usage of EMTP for demonstrating concepts and teaching through practical problem cases. EMTP contributes greatly to the simplification of complex power system studies and to the visualisation and accurate simulation of large systems. 


Training structure 

The duration of the course is 5 days.
The course starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m. every day.
Lunch breaks are from noon to 1:00 p.m.


Computer and temporary EMTP license:

Each participant will have access to a personal computer to learn about presented topics and to analyze available practical examples.


Intented audience 

EMTP users that want to increase their level of knowledge on the software usage and applications.

Engineering personnel familiar with the basics of electric power system analysis that need to get more in-depth practical knowledge of power system transients simulation and analysis in areas such as:

•  Insulation coordination of HV substations and transmission lines;

•  Electromagnetic and electromechanical transients;

•  Practical system studies



Day 1 - Introduction

  • Introduction to the program

  • Theorical background on power system transients

  • Introduction to EMTP and EMTPWorks using examples

  • Creation and maintenance of subnetworks

  • Creation and maintenance of libraries

  • Available libraries

  • Capacitor bank energization studies

  • Switching device models

  • Statistical analysis options


Day 2 - Transmission and distribution system models

  • Transmission/Distribution line and cable models

  • Line and cable parameters

  • Surge arrester models

  • Application examples: temporary overvoltages, switching surges, kilometric fault, steady-state coupling, statistical analysis methods for overvoltages

  • Three-phase power-flow

  • Non-linear devices

  • Application examples

  • Simulation and analysis of distrivution systems


Day 3 - Transformers models and power system protection studies

  • Transformer models

  • Transformer behavior under fault conditions and the model for protection studies

  • Inrush current in transformer

  • Ferroresonance phenomema and transformer model

  • Transformer model for power system transient studies

  • Transformer model for fast transients and internal overvoltages

  • Transformer model for surge trasnfer and fault clearance TRV

  • Power system protection studies

  • Fundamentals of protection systems

  • Instrument transformers

  • Electromechanical, sold-state and microprocessor based relays and modeling considerations

  • Building the models of various types of overcurrent relays

  • Building differential relay model

  • Building distance relay model

  • Overview of the other relay type models, such as over/undervoltage and frequency relays

  • Manufacturer models 


Day 4 - HVDC transmission and insulation coordination

  • Power electronics devices and control systems

  • Dynamic performance of an HVDC VSC based point-to-point link

  • The CIGRE DC grid test system

  • Insulation coordination principles 

  • Lightning, switching and temporary overvoltages

  • Lightning arrester selection

  • Insulation coordination methodologies


Day 5 - Insulation coordination

  • Insulation coordination of a 230kV transmission system

  • Practical power system studies 


Contact for training information


2120 Sherbrooke Est
Suite 1001
Montreal, Québec H2K 1C3
Phone: +1 438 870 8884


General conditions

Please register as early as possible if you plan to attend the EMTP course. As soon as the minimum of participants is reached, POWERSYS will confirm the course.
The registration to the course includes the lunch and coffee breaks.
Participants will have to pay 100% in advance before the course.

Cancellation can be made according to POWERSYS’ General Conditions for courses:

Withdrawal from the Course:
In case you cannot attend the course after having registered, please contact us as soon as possible at
In case of cancellation three weeks OR MORE before the beginning of the course, the participants will not be charged.
In case of cancellation less than three weeks before the beginning of the course, POWERSYS will charge the participant 50% of the course fees.

Please note that POWERSYS will not reimburse any travel and/or accommodation expenditure in case of cancellation of the course. We recommend you to make your travel arrangements once the course is confirmed.


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November 3-7, 2014





2120 Sherbrooke Est
Suite 1001
Québec H2K 1C3




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