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The Development Coordination Group (DCG), group of companies leading the development of EMTP® decided unanimously at the beginning of 2011 to mandate POWERSYS to commercialize EMTP®. The role of POWERSYS is triple: to sell the software worldwide, to organize user group activities, to take charge of the maintenance and integration of the software under the guidance of the DCG. But its role is also to create a new dynamic: to be active, to be close to the users, to facilitate exchanges in the EMTP® community, to be ambitious.

2011 has been a year of hectic activity for EMTP® with a lot of initiative for the benefits of the users. Now that we are coming close to the end of the year, it is time to have a close look at what was done.

An international user group meeting took place in Paris where around 50 users met and shared their experience about the applications of the software. EMTP® was also present at the conference IPST in Delft (Netherlands). This conference is a major reference for the simulation of electromagnetic transients and is a great opportunity to listen to the needs of the users in terms of simulation. Two events were organized by POWERSYS in partnership with Opal-RT at the IEEE PES (Detroit, USA) to present case studies from users and to exchange around simulation topics.

Three courses were set up with the support of EMTP® developers and experts of the software applications. The two first ones took place in France and in Australia; the next one of this year will take place in December 12-16 in New-Orleans, Louisiana (USA), but a course is already planned for May 2012 at University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA).

Regarding the maintenance and development of the software, POWERSYS works with the key developers of EMTP®. A new version of EMTP® will be released soon, including significant improvements of various models as well as an increased set of examples illustrating the applications of the software.

After this brief portray I would like to thank, on behalf of the DCG, POWERSYS, but also all the actors: developers, presenters, course organizers, etc. who have helped with their enthusiasm and energy to make of this year 2011 a success for EMTP® .

Alain Xemard
Chairman of the DCG

Technical publications:

EHV AC cables and HVDC links installations on the French grid:
EMTP tools and studies at Rte

Authors: S. Deschanvres, Y. Vernay, S. Dennetière, RTE

The French TSO RTE (Réseau de Transport d'Electricité) operates, designs and maintains the largest network in Europe, at the center of the European electricity market.

A New Hysteresis Model in EMTP
Authors: Afshin Rezaei-Zare, Reza Iravani, University of Toronto

The hysteresis phenomenon is one of the significant properties of the iron cores. The nonlinearity and an important part of the core loss correspond to this phenomenon.