EMTP® Toolbox for Simulink®


Import Simulink® models into EMTP® in two clicks



Features & Benefits

  • Import Simulink® models into EMTP®
  • Fast and easy regardless of the complexity of the model
  • Connection pins automatically created
  • Customized model parameters
  • Optimize the simulation time
  • Confidentiality of the model data



The toolbox allows to import any Simulink® models, regardless of its complexity, into EMTP® designs using two clicks. Minimum intervention from the user is required and the procedure only takes few minutes!


Using the appropriate Matlab® / Simulink® toolboxes and a compiler, a DLL is automatically created and used by this import tool to create the EMTP® model with all the necessary connections (pins). Vectors, complex and real signals can be interfaced with EMTP®. It is also possible to define tunable parameters in the Simulink® model and to assign them in EMTP®.



This Toolbox streamlines many complex tasks for building and exporting models built in Matlab / Simulink®.

The Simulink® based models can be rapidly connected to complex EMTP® networks and benefit from the available and unique computational performance and models for large scale power system simulations.

Controlled breaker logic developed in Simulink® and exported to EMTP


Capacitor bank switching in EMTP. The control breaker logic is imported from Simulink®




A Matlab licence is not required to use the EMTP model once the DLLs have been created. 
The DLLs can be exported and provided to other users without any limitation.


The following Matlab toolboxes are required to create EMTP models from Simulink models:


A comprehensive documentation is provided with the Toolbox, but we are available to support and guide the users as much as possible.



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