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DLL Programming for EMTP

A new resource is available to explain step-by-step how to create a DLL in EMTP. - Henry Gras

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A new step-by-step resource is available to explain how to create a DLL in EMTP®.

The DLL (Dynamic Link Library) function is designed to allow EMTP® users to develop advanced program model modules and interface them directly and intimately with the EMTP® engine. It is for advanced users and offers advanced capabilities.

Users interested in programming language-based model development should use this feature to develop and maintain models. Such models can be placed in a specified location, attached to a device with graphical user interface features in EMTPWorks and maintained in a library just as any other built-in EMTP model.

This option may be used by converter manufacturers to interface real code into EMTP®, to perform Software In the Loop.

For this purpose, EMTP® is also compatible with the Joint IEEE TASS Task Force and CIGRE B4.82 Working Group “USE OF REAL-CODE IN EMT MODELS FOR POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS”.