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Ground Fault Detection and Feeder Protection of 2x25kV Railway Traction System

In a new 2X25 kV System, Scott transformer is used as a traction transformer and to supply the power to the railway traction system. It is protected using the percentage differential relay.

However, region from the low voltage side of the Scott transformer to the first autotransformer is unprotected at the field and to protect the system during fault on this region is very important. Thus, development of protection scheme is required. Herein, we modeled 2X25kV traction system i
Author(s): Mr. Suyash Kulkarni - Mr. Suved - M. Pakade
Type: EMTP User Conference 2021
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Date: 2021-09-03
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Tag(s): Fault Detection, protection, railway, traction


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