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Ground Fault Overvoltage with Inverter-Based Distributed Energy Resources

A Ground Fault Overvoltage (GFO) can occur in situations where an ungrounded transmission line and associated ungrounded transmission equipment is energized from distribution connected Distributed Energy Resource (DER) during a transmission single-phase-to-ground (SLG) fault. The condition could result in 1.73 pu overvoltage on phase to ground connected equipment which will be sustained until the DER ceases to energize the substation distribution transformer. Transmission equipment on the isola
Author(s): Aboutaleb Haddadi
Type: EMTP User Conference 2021
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Date: 2021-09-02
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Tag(s): gfov, tov, ibr, DER, inverter, islanding, load rejection, inverter based resources


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