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Impact of Power Transformer Energization on Relay Protection Operation

One of the main causes of the incorrect operation of transformer relay protection are inrush currents. The transient inrush current occurs when energizing the unloaded transformer, and it is a consequence of the transformer core saturation. This paper presents analysis of transients caused by energization of 300 MVA three-phase autotransformer with stabilizing winding and voltage ratios 400/115/10,47 kV.

Using the PAMSUITE Toolbox in EMTP, many simulations were performed to show the
Author(s): Pr. Bozidar Filipovic
Type: EMTP User Conference 2021
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Date: 2021-09-03
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Tag(s): transformer, energization, inrush, differential, protection, harmonics, bctran, pamsuite


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