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Screening Studies for Susceptibility to Sub Synchronous Control Interaction using EMTP

Sub Synchronous Control Interaction (SSCI) is can occur between type 3 wind turbines and a series capacitor. SSCI events can result in severe overvoltages that can damage equipment on the transmission system. This presentation will provide a brief history of SSCI, its impacts on the power system, and how to perform screening studies for SSCI susceptibility using EMTP… The presentation will also include a discussion of challenges encountered, and key results observed, during screening studies p
Author(s): Dr. Romulo Bainy & Jared Mraz & Dr. Normann Fischer & Dr. Johnson
Type: EMTP User Conference 2021
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Date: 2021-09-03
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Tag(s): SSCI, Wind park, Type 3, time domain scan, subsynchronous-control interaction


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