MMC-HVDC modeling, simulation and analysis with EMTP®


High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) systems based on voltage source converters (VSCs) are increasingly popular in electric power grids. The Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) is the predominant topology used in recent and upcoming HVDC-VSC projects worldwide. This course presents practical and technical information on VSC-HVDC systems based on real projects. 

·         Overview on VSC-MMC technology

·         Modeling and simulation of MMC-HVDC systems with EMTP®

·         Control and protection of MMC-HVDC systems

·         Dynamic behavior during transients (faults and start-up sequence)


Training structure 

The duration is 5 days.
The training starts at 9:00 am and ends at 5:00 pm every day.
Lunch will be available during the lunch break of 1 hour.


Intended audience 

This course is intended for engineers and researchers involved in VSC-HVDC projects. It provides an up-to-date technical expertise on simulation models and on the VSC-HVDC technology.


Computer and temporary EMTP® license

Temporary EMTP® licenses will be provided to the audience. The participants must bring their own computers.




Day 1: 

  • Introduction

  • Quick introduction to EMTP

  • EMTP solution methods

  • EMTP models

  • Building cases and simulation options

  • Simulation of power electronics systems in EMTP

Day 2:

  • Introduction to HVDC transmission systems

  • The basics of HVDC link

  • Introduction to VSC: AC/DC converters, basic on VSC controls, HVDC links with VSC

  • MMC-HVDC transmission, description of components

  • MMC converter cells

  • MMC transformer arrangement and arm reactor

  • PQ diagrams

  • Exercises

Day 3:

  • Basics of MMC modeling

  • Steady-state operation

  • General description of VSC controls

  • Specific upper level and lower level controls for MMC stations

  • Exercises

Day 4:

  • AC fault behavior of MMC-HVDC systems, system impacts

  • DC fault behavior of MMC-HVDC systems, impact on DC cable

  • Start-up and shut-down sequence

Day 5:

  • EMT studies over the life cycle of MMC-HVDC

  • Interaction studies

  • Loss estimation

  • Future DC grid: modeling and control

  • CIGRE HVDC multi-terminal system


Contact for training information


Frédérique PEYRET | Marketing Manager, Powersys


Jean MAHSEREDJIAN, Ph.D, IEEE Fellow | Lead developer of EMTP



General conditions


Participants will have to pay 100% in advance before the course.

Advance payment is required by Credit Card or by Bank wire Transfer.

Cancellation can be made according to the following conditions:

  • In case you cannot attend the training after having registered, please contact us as soon as possible at

  • In case of cancellation three weeks or more before the beginning of the training, the participant will not be charged.

  • In case of cancellation less than three weeks before the beginning of the training, the participant will be charged 50% of the training fees.

Under no circumstances the participants may request reimbursement of accommodation and travel expenditures.
We recommend you to make your travel arrangements once the training is confirmed.


Register now



October 28th to November 1st, 2019


$2,000 USD


2120 Sherbrooke Est, Room 411
Montreal, Quebec, H2K 1C3



Hani SAAD, Ph.D.

Senior Engineer, Lead and Principal Designer, RTE


Profesor, Polytechnique Montreal, Lead Developer of EMTP