HVDC-VSC training


The objective of the training is to present a technical hands-on on HVDC-VSC systems. It is organized in collaboration with RTE.

The training covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to VSC-MMC technology

  • Modeling and simulation of HVDC-VSC systems with EMTP

  • Control and protection of VSC-MMC stations

  • Specifications of HVDC-VSC projects

  • Maintenance of HVDC converters

This course presents practical and technical information on HVDC-VSC systems and operations based on real projects.

Temporary EMTP licenses will be provided to the audience. EMTP will be used to illustrate concepts and performances of HVDC-VSC systems.


Training structure 

The duration is 5 days.
The training starts at 8:30 am and ends at 5:00 pm every day.
Lunch breaks (included in the course fee) are from noon to 1:00 pm.


Intended audience 

This course is intended for engineers, researchers, operators and maintenance personnel. It provides an up-to-date technical expertise on HVDC-VSC projects.


Computer and temporary EMTP license

Each participant will have to bring a personal computer. EMTP temporary licenses will be provided for the duration of the course.



Day 1: 

  • Basics on HVDC

  • Introduction to VSC: AC/DC converters, basis on VSC controls, HVDC links with VSC

  • First hand-one experience with EMTP to illustrate HVDC basics

  • HVDC MMC station main equipment description

  • Converter cell description

  • Transformer arrangement and arm reactor

  • AC/DC filters

  • PQ diagram


Day 2:

  • Basis on MMC modeling and simple test cases in EMTP

  • General description of VSC controls

  • Specific upper level and low level controls for MMC converters

  • General overview of converter protection strategy and implementation in real systems

  • Impacts of VSC converter on AC protection relays (balanced and unbalanced conditions)

  • Losses estimation for MMC converters

Day 3:

  • EMT studies over the life cycle of VSC systems

  • Transient during normal operation: analysis of start-up and shut-down sequences

  • DC side transients analysis: analysis of typical DC faults

  • Interaction studies

Day 4:

  • Basic Design approach

  • Tender Principles

  • Technical Specifications

  • Project execution

Day 5:

  • Maintenance of HVDC - VSC

  • HVDC control and protection replicas

  • Lab training on a real control and protection replica

  • ANalysis of studies examples bases on real projects 

Contact for training information

Frédérique PEYRET | Marketing Manager, Powersys

Email: marketing@powersys.fr

Jean MAHSEREDJIAN, Ph.D, IEEE Follow | Lead developer of EMTP

Email: jean@emtp.com


General conditions

Participants will have to pay 100% in advance before the course.

Advance payment is required by Credit Card (*3% tax will apply on credit card payment) or by Bank wire Transfer.

Cancellation can be made according to POWERSYS’ General Conditions for training:

In case you cannot attend the training after having registered, please contact us as soon as possible at marketing@powersys.fr
In case of cancellation three weeks or more before the beginning of the training, the participants will not be charged.
In case of cancellation less than three weeks before the beginning of the training, POWERSYS will charge the participant 50% of the training fees.

Please note that POWERSYS will not reimburse any travel and/or accommodation expenditure in case of cancellation of the training.
We recommend you to make your travel arrangements once the training is confirmed.

This training is organized in collaboration with RTE.


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March 18-22, 2019


Industry: 2,800€
Academic: 2,000€


Training Centre Jonage
23 Avenue Lionel Terray, 69330 Jonage



HVDC Project Engineer, RTE


HVDC Expert Engineer, RTE

Sébastien DENNETIERE, Ph.D.

Senior Principal Engineer, RTE


Profesor, Polytechnique Montreal, Lead Developer of EMTP

Pierre RAULT, Ph.D.

Senior Engineer, RTE

Hani SAAD, Ph.D.

Senior Engineer, Lead and Principal Designer, RTE

Marco Schudel

HVDC Project Engineer, RTE