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As an academic you can partner with EMTP Alliance and benefit from an unlimited number of EMTP® licenses for FREE.

The benefits of being a partner of EMTP Alliance for education

  • User-friendly software with a modern GUI
  • Powerful platform for demonstrating engineering concepts
  • Allow students to experiment during laboratories without the constraints and cost of real hardware.
  • Load-flow solver and time-domain solver in one tool
  • Widely used in the industry and in the literature
  • Professional technical support offer to professors
  • Self learning content available for students
  • Free content available on engineering concepts such as switching, lightning, renewable energy and HVDC simulations.
  • Free on demand-classes available

In addition, the benefits of being a partner of EMTP Alliance for research

  • A reference for power system simulations
  • The most numerically advanced power system simulation software on the market
  • Open-source architecture allowing easy customization for testing new concepts
  • Possibility to intimately interact with the simulation solver through user-defined models (.DLL)
  • Ability to simulate very large grids for renewable energy integration project
  • Possibility to control EMTP® with Matlab® using the Matlab® API
  • Possibility import Simulink® designs or co-simulate with Simulink®
  • Follow FMI standard allowing co-simulation with JModelica, PSIM, Dymola, etc  (Full list here: https://fmi-standard.org/)

EMTP® is used in more than 250 universities around the globe

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