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Example of a user defined model. In this case a line-start permanent magnet synchronous machine is connected to a simple power network. This machine, working as a generator, has been modeled by control elements. This user defined model is not recomme.

The line-start permanent magnet motor is a high-efficiency synchronous motor with self starting capability when operating from a fixed frequency voltage source. The permanent magnets embedded in its rotor provide the synchronous excitation and the rotor cage provides the induction motor torque for starting. The difference in permeability between the magnet and rotor core also results in significant magnetic saliency and reluctance torque at synchronous speed. At asynchronous speeds, the dc excitation and saliency of the permanent magnets will cause pulsating torque components. When the field strength of the magnet is too strong, a line-start permanent magnet motor may fail to synchronize because of the excessive pulsating torque component from the dc-excitation of the magnet.

The objective of this case is to create a user defined model of a permanent magnet synchronous machine. With this model the user can explore the behaviour of the torque components during a starting run of the generator from standstill. In particular, we will examine the ability of the motor to synchronize with various values of magnet field strength, mechanical loading and rotor inertia.

This case also shows the capabilities of EMTP-RV to create user defined models. This model assembled with control elements is particularly clear. I needed 4 hours to create this model and to validate it with an existing Simulink model ! The user can see the whole model with its equations on one page (see Figure below)

This model is given as an example of user defined model and should not be used for other purposes.


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Date: 2012-06-18

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