SITL and HLA Co-simulation Platforms: Tools for Analysis of the Integrated ICT and Electric Power System

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Due to the necessity of developing analysis tools in the integrated ICT and power system domain, this paper describes and compares the architecture and configuration of two different ITC-power system co-simulation approaches called SITL (System in the Loop) and HLA (High Level Architecture) Co-simulation platforms. Both platforms make use of the communication network simulator OPNET (Optimum Network Performance). As indicated by the names, the former operates in real time, in order to perform SITL simulations, whilst the latter is based on the HLA interface between OPNET and the power network simulation environment EMTP-rv (Electromagnetic Transient Program). We provide several details on their implementation and present their features by means of the results obtained for two test cases. The paper aims at clarifying the type of analysis that can be effectively carried out by using the two different platforms.

Authors: Riccardo Bottura, Davood Babazadeh, Kun Zhu, Alberto Borghetti, Lars Nordström, Carlo Alberto Nucci

EuroCon 2013 • 1-4 July 2013 • Zagreb, Croatia

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