March 21, 2022 Newsletter

EMTP® Alliance has been actively engaging with the power industry sector to expand on simulation solutions for meeting global future energy needs. EMTP® is expanding its user base network with a solid reputation.

EMTP® Alliance Recent Partnerships
EMTP® Alliance has been actively engaging with the power industry sector to expand on simulation solutions for meeting global future energy needs. EMTP® is expanding its user base network with a solid reputation.
The EMTP® Alliance recently propose a training series for EVN NLDC - Vietnam Electricity
The EMTP® team has proposed a comprehensive training program for EVN NLDC on the topic of simulation and analysis of large-scale power systems with renewable energies. [Read more...]

Topics covered:
  • The basics of EMT modeling
  • How to convert PSS/E topological and dynamic models to EMT models to create large-scale EMT system model from PSS/E data.
  • How to perform EMT simulations and associated user-interface for visualizing, plotting, for large-scale EMT simulations.
  • Demonstration examples for stability studies with large scale EMT model - load-flow, temporary over-voltages (TOV), stability problems, sub-synchronous Control Interaction (SSCI), weak grid studies in regions with concentration of renewable resources.
The EMTP® Alliance recently signed an agreement with Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional for high performance simulations of its national transmission system
The EMTP® team is pleased to announce a collaboration agreement with Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional (CEN) of Chile, to fulfill their strategic objective of articulating and facilitating energy transition and innovation towards a sustainable, safe and reliable electrical system. CEN is responsible for coordinating the operation of the national electric system, preserving electric supply with required security, in an economical manner and guaranteeing open access to transmission system.

Need for software solutions able to perform large scale simulations
This agreement follows several important objectives, including the provision of premium software licenses to Coordinador and support in the development of a digital twin of the national electricity system in EMTP®. [Read more...]
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March 28th - April 1st, 2022 | 2400€-3000€
Lyon, France
Supported by ambitious climate objectives, HVDC-VSC technology is playing an increasingly important role in current and future energy transmission systems.
VSC technology is crucial in its contribution to the energy transition as it provides new opportunities for more and more interconnected energy markets. However, the technology is developing rapidly, and the complexity of these projects requires detailed engineering expertise. Therefore, the objective of the 5-day training course is to introduce the participants to the principles and challenges of HVDC-VSC technology and to present basic methodologies and technical hands-on experience for VSC projects.
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Inverter Based Resources (IBR) integration studies
April 27th to April 28th, 2022 | Free of charge
New Orleans, USA
The objective of these workshops is to familiarize attendees with EMT simulations of IBRs and grid integration analysis. EMTP® is used for all simulations and illustration examples. Practical test cases are provided to illustrate the various concepts.
This course is intended for engineers, researchers, operators and maintenance personnel. It provides an up-to-date technical expertise on renewable energy integration projects. This training is divided in 2 workshops. The two workshops are independent, even though it is recommended to participate in both of them.
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Analysis of Transients in Power Systems
June 20th - 24th, 2022 | $2,295
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Register for this training organized by the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The course is set up to have instructor-led lectures and discussions intertwined with instructor-led hands-on software analysis exercises.
  • Learn to predict the outcome of transient events on power systems.
  • Construct power systems models, apply and analyze various transient events.
  • Design mitigation options and compare the effectiveness of such options.
If you are familiar with power systems, you will benefit. The case study approach introduces the various families of transients and allows you to develop understanding on transient phenomena. If you already have a background on power system transients, you will still expand your knowledge on various aspects related to transient phenomena and novelties in this field. All exercises are based on EMTP®. Attendees will receive time-limited access to the current version of EMTP®.
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2022, April 25th
Join your community in New Orleans to discover how new approaches to modernizing and managing the grid will ensure reliability for individuals, businesses, and communities alike.
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2022 EMTP Summer UC
2022, July 21st
The EMTP® Alliance is happy to announce the 2022 EMTP® Summer User Conference taking place on July, Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd.
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CIGRE France
2022, August 28th
CIGRE is a collaborative global community committed to the world's leading knowledge development programme for the creation and sharing of power system expertise.
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