Reactive Power Energy Management, Analysis of Reactive Power Consumption in Solar Power Plant

EMTP User Conference 2021 - Neeraj Patel

For any Power Plant, it is aimed to have maximum Energy Generation and yielding for the Power Output. Solar power plant comprises PV cells, framing array by connecting with each solar panel and then connected with step-up transformer (Inductive element) by cable network (capacitance formed). The energy generated by PV cells are being converted by Solar inverters (Power electronics) and operated at almost Unity Power Factor. It has been observed that with export of Active energy and increasing output, there is also import of Reactive energy varying with solar generation. The Tariff charges are involved and applicable for Reactive Power Consumption in said solar power plant. Active energy also imported during evening and night hours in absence of solar generation to run critical equipments and trend between active and reactive energy has been observed vice versa. As per the State Tariff regulations, beneficiary must pay/gets paid for reactive power drawl/supply which is decided and bounded by the system voltage limit (e.g. 97% to 103% of Rated system voltage). Considering varying MVAR absorption phenomena associated with active power generation and effect of supply voltage, it has been decided to study and model solar generation in EMTP. Different cases have been simulated in EMTP software. Major sources consume Reactive Power identified from modelling and matched observation with actual recorded data. Mitigation technique for reactive power compensation has been studied and modelled. Rating for reactive power compensation source has been validated. Switching phenomena associated with reactive power compensation technique along with voltage profile at different points has also been studied and appropriate rating for switching devices/switchgear has been suggested. Detail study and simulation results will be shared during presentation.

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