The EMTP® Alliance recently proposed a training series for EVN NLDC - Vietnam Electricity

The EMTP® team has proposed a comprehensive training program for EVN NLDC on the topic of simulation and analysis of large-scale power systems with renewable energies.

Montreal (Canada) - March 10, 2022

The EMTP® team has proposed a comprehensive training program for EVN NLDC on the topic of simulation and analysis of large-scale power systems with renewable energies.

Topics covered:

  1. 2 Sessions of 2 hours
    • The basics of EMT modeling
    • Overview of EMT dynamic modeling components for renewable energy resources (wind and photovoltaic (PV) farm, battery energy storage, aggregated rooftop PV, synchronous condensers.
  2. 2 Sessions of 2 hours
    • How to convert PSS/E topological and dynamic models to EMT models to create large-scale EMT system model from PSS/E data.
      • Option 1: Demonstration of result difference between EMTP and PSS/E. This Item includes some preparation time to create the content.
    • How to perform EMT simulations and associated user-interface for visualizing, plotting, for large-scale EMT simulations.
  3. 2 Sessions of 2 hours
    • Demonstration examples for stability studies with large scale EMT model - load-flow, temporary over-voltages (TOV), stability problems, sub-synchronous Control Interaction (SSCI), weak grid studies in regions with concentration of renewable resources.


This training was proposed to the Vietnamese grid operator in collaboration with PNNL - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Energy Resources to increase grid stability under the Japan-U.S.-Mekong Power Partnership.

Why EMTP®?

EMTP® was selected because its off-line simulation engine with advanced numerical methods, offers inherently the best combination of precision and simulation speed.
EMTP® also provides the ability to perform load-flow and use load-flow results to automatically initialize EMT simulations, which opens the door for easy parametric studies where initial conditions may be changed without requiring an external third-party load-flow package.


About Vietnam Electricity (EVN)

Vietnam Electricity (EVN) is a State-owned economic corporation which plays a key role in ensuring electricity supply for national economy.. It provides energy related services including engineering, power plant operation and maintenance, construction, energy utilities -related service, and others. The company operates through 56 subsidiaries with 80,000 staff.

About Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is a leading center for scientific discovery in chemistry, data analytics, and Earth science, and for technological innovation in sustainable energy and national security.

About U.S Department of State

U.S. Department of State employees, with their skills, character and commitment to public service, are the backbone of America’s diplomacy. They represent the American people, advocate U.S. interests to the rest of the world and are America’s first line of defense in a complex and often dangerous world.

About EMTP Alliance

The EMTP Alliance was formed in 2018 between PGSTech and Powersys. The aim of the EMTP Alliance is to develop, market, commercialize EMTP® worldwide as well as to provide technical support and offer consulting services to EMTP® users. Learn more about EMTP® history.

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