September 10, 2021 Newsletter

Latest Version 4.2

EMTP® is the most complete and technically advanced software for simulation and analysis of power systems. New line/cable data module, new power electronics toolbox, new asynchronous machine database, Renewable toolbox, additions to exciters and governors toolbox, simulink module for EMTP® update, transformer model improvements, and many others.

EMTP® is the most complete and technically advanced software for simulation and analysis of power systems. If you need more information, please visit
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New Line/Cable data module
  • New module for calculation of line and cable parameters based on the MoM-SO method. This tool results from a major development effort by the EMTP® team, and a direct collaboration with Prof. Piero Triverio and his research associate Utkarshr Patel from University of Toronto.
  • Major new EMTP® module capable of achieving highest accuracy levels for a very large band of frequencies.
  • The module is generic and capable of representing cables underground and above ground, overhead lines and overhead lines coupled with cables. A multi-layer soil option is available.
  • The module accounts for proximity effect, stranded conductor and earth return.
  • Unique contribution to the simulation of electromagnetic transients.
  • New Power Electronics Toolbox
  • Various building components.
  • New AC-DC converter with control.
  • New Statcom model.
  • New DC-DC AVM converter.
  • New examples with Toolbox models.
  • New Asynchronous Machine Database
    Renewable Toolbox
    • Upgrades to PV and WTG models.
      • Better initialization.
      • Various improvements (generic models).
      • PV cell.
    • New Battery model.
    • Improvement of convergence criteria for Input Impedance TD device.
    • New example of PV converter with MPPT and battery.
    • New charge/discharge battery example.
    Exciters and Governors toolbox
    News models available in the library:
    • Exciters: AC1C, AC2, AC2C AC3, AC3C, AC4C, AC5C, AC6C, AC7C, AC8C, DC1C, DC4C, EXPI, EXPIC1, IEEET2, IEEET3, REXSYS, ST1C, ST2C, ST3C, ST4C, ST5C, ST6C
    • Governors: WEHGOV, WESGOV
    • Power system stabilizers: PSS2C, PSS3C, PSS4C,
    • Stator current limiter: SCL2C
    • Voltage regulator: IEEEVC
    Simulink module for EMTP® update
    • Compatibility with Matlab 2021a
    Transformer model improvements
    • New magnetization data option: it is now possible to use excitation test data directly in voltage and current (pu).
    • Air-core inductance value may be entered as an option for adding an extra segment to magnetization data.
    • Tap ratio input is now available.
    Improvements to PQ load with load-flow
    • Allows Delta connexion.
    • New input options:
    • Positive sequence Data or 3-phase data
    • Connection type
    Breaker for TRV model improvements
    • IEC 62271 - IEEE C37.013 standards are now available for System source fault, Generator source fault and Load-current switching.
    • New example of Generator TRV.
    • New example of maximum degree of Asymmetry determination for Generator.
    PSS®E import tool improvements
    • Custom device usage option: allows to import a user-defined device
    • Import only specific part: allows user to import only specific part(s) of the RAW file.
    • Read-only option licence available.
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