You can take advantage of the open architecture of EMTP® to create customized toolboxes. A toolbox can contain libraries, documentations, scripts, DLLs and examples. Its content is loaded automatically when EMTP® starts and is completely integrated into the program.


To create a toolbox, proceed as follows:

   -  Go to « C:\Program Files\EMTPWorks 3.XXX\Toolboxes », you will find some EMTP® native toolboxes,
   -  Create a new folder « MyToolbox »,
   -  Open this new folder « MyToolbox »,
   -  Create a folder for each type of file included in the toolbox (DLL, Documentations, Examples, Libraries, Scripts…)







   -  Create a text file with the name of your toolbox and the format (.ini): « MyToolbox.ini »










   -  In this text file, set the relative paths to allow EMTP® to point to the appropriate folders. 










Now EMTP® automatically:

    -  Opens your libraries when it starts
    -  Retrieves the scripts,   
    -  Finds the DLLs called by devices or scripts [see "DLL documentations" in the EMTP® Software]
    -  Puts the designs of the Examples folder in the section « Open an Example File »


As an illustration, find here a Micro-grid toolbox entirely based on this feature.

Feel free to develop your own toolbox and share it on the EMTP exchange platform.

For any questions, fill free to contact us, our technical support team will be pleased to help as always