All the papers were presented during the IPST Conference in Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2017.


On Tower Modeling using Fitting Techniques for Analysis of the Lightning Performance in Power Transmission Systems
Authors: E. C. M. Costa, A. J. G. Pinto, S. Kurokawa, B. Kordi, J. Pissolato


Scale model test on a novel 400 kV double circuit composite pylon
Authors: Q. Wang, C. L. Bak, F. F. Silva, H. Skouboe


Comparison of Transient Simulations on Overhead Cables by EMTP and FDTD
Authors: H. Xue, M. Natsui, A. Ametani, J. Mahseredjian, H. Tanaka, Y. Baba


Analysis of D-STATCOM Impact on Protection of Distribution Network
Authors: K. Pandakov, E. Tedeschi, H. Kr. Høidalen


Evaluation of the Effect of Advanced Core Settings of the Hybrid Transformer Model on the Harmonic Content of Inrush Currents
Authors: J. R. M. S. Souza, C. S. Pereira Filho, A. De Conti


Designing and Training an Artificial Neural Network Fed by Harmonic Content of Differential Currentsfor Inrush Detection
Authors: J. R. M. S. Souza, C. S. Pereira Filho, A. De Conti, C. L. Castro


Application of Controlled Switching for Limitation of Switching Overvoltages on 400 kV Transmission Line
Authors: B. Filipovic-Grcic, I. Uglešic, S. Bojic, A. Župan


Alternative Approaches and Dynamic Analysis Considerations for Detecting Open Phase Conductors in ThreePhase Power Systems
Authors: Robert M. Carritte, Kawa Cheung, Mohit Malik


Novel Indicator of Transmission Line Towers Backflashover Performance
Authors: P. Sarajcev, D. Jakus, J. Vasilj


Lightning Overvoltages in a HVDC Transmission System comprising Mixed Overhead-Cable Lines
Authors: M. Goertz, S. Wenig, S. Gorges, M. Kahl, S. Beckler, J. Christian, M. Suriyah, T. Leibfried


Harmonic Background Amplification in Long Asymmetrical High Voltage Cable Systems
Authors: C. F. Jensen


Internal Converter- and DC-Fault Handling for a Single Point Grounded Bipolar MMCHVDC System
Authors: S. Wenig, M. Goertz, W. Schulze, S. Beckler, M. Kahl, J. Christian, M. Suriyah, T. Leibfried


Locating Lightning-Originated Flashovers in Power Networks using Electromagnetic Time Reversal
Authors: R. Razzaghi, M. Scatena, M. Paolone, F. Rachidi, G. Antonini


Comparative Research into Transients by Switching of High Voltage Shunt Reactor
Authors: S. Bojić, B. Babić, I. Uglešić


Synchronized Measurement Technology Supported AC and HVDC Online Disturbance Detection
Authors: M. Naglic, L. Liu, I. Tyuryukanov, M. Popov, M. A. M. M. van der Meijden, V. Terzija


Field Experience with Enhanced Hybrid Single Phase Tripping and Reclosing
Authors: Charles Henville, Hongbo Apollo Zhang, Mukesh Nagpal


275 kV Cable Discharge Field Measurement and Analysis of SVLS Chain Failure Using ATP
Authors: F. Ghassemi, S. Dennis, A. Ainsley, M. Haddad, S. Robson


Study of series resonance overvoltage at LV side of transmission transformer during EHV cable energization
Authors: F. Barakou, A. Pitsaris, P. A. A. F. Wouters, E. F. Steennis


General Approach for Accurate Evaluation of Transformer Resonance Effects
Authors: M. Popov


Overview of Generic HVDC-MMC Control under Unbalanced Grid Conditions
Authors: Anton Stepanov, Hani Saad, Jean Mahseredjian, AurélienWataré


Accurate and High Speed Electromagnetic Transient Modeling of Two-Port Sub-Modules based MMC-HVDC Converters
Authors: Jianzhong Xu, A. M. Gole, Shengtao Fan, Chengyong Zhao


On the Influence of Earth Conduction Effects on the Propagation Characteristics of Aerial and Buried Conductors
Authors: T. A. Papadopoulos, A. I. Chrysochos, G. K. Papagiannis


A Special Case of Ferroresonance Involving A Series Compensated Line
Authors: K. Gauthier, M. Alawie


Wood and fiberglass crossarm performance against lightning strikes on transmission towers
Authors: I. Mohamed Rawi, M. S. A. Rahman, M. Z. A. Ab. Kadir, M. Izadi


Application of wide band transformer models
Authors: Bruno Jurisic, Paul Poujade, Alain Xemard, Ivo Uglesic, Françoise Paladian


Modeling and Experimental Analysis of the Transient Overvoltages on Machine Windings Fed by PWM Inverters
Authors: Mohammed Khalil Hussain, Pablo Gomez


Optimal Planning of Battery Energy Storage Systemsfor Mitigating Voltage Fluctuations in Active Distribution Networks
Authors: Khawaja Khalid Mehmood, SaadUllah Khan, ZunaibMaqsoodHaider, Soon-Jeong Lee, Muhammad KashifRafique, Chul-Hwan Kim


Development of Countermeasures for Transient Phenomena in Low-Voltage DC Distribution Systems due to ACCB Operation
Authors: C. H. Noh, G. H. Gwon, J. I. Song, C. H. Kim, R. K. Aggarwal, H. C. Seo


Adaptive Centralized Protection Scheme for Microgrids Based on Positive Sequence Complex Power
Authors: S. B. A. Bukhari, R. Haider, M. S. Zaman, Y. S. Oh, G. J. Cho, M. S. Kim, J. S. Kim, C. H. Kim


Improvement of power factor in smart grid connected with EV charger and optimal sizing of SVC capacitor using SMC
Authors: Saeid Gholami Farkoush, Chang-Hwan Kim, Abdul Wadood, Tahir Khurshaid, Kumail Hassan Kharal, Sang-Bong Rhee


Reduction of Harmonics using Active Filter for Power Quality Improvement
Authors: Abdul Wadood, Chang Hwan Kim, Saied Gholami Farkoush, Tahir Khurshaid, Kumail Hassan Kharal, Sang-Bong Rhee


Zonal Operation Scheme of Distributed Generationsfor Voltage Regulation in Distribution Networks
Authors: Y. S. Oh, G. J. Cho, M. S. Kim, J. S. Kim, S. B. Ali Bukhari, R. Haider, M. S. Zaman, C. H. Kim


A Study on Protective Coordination for Low Voltage DC Last Mile Distribution System
Authors: G. H. Gwon, C. H. Noh, J. Han, J. I. Song, Y. S. Oh, M. O. Khan, S. Zaman, M. Mehdi, C. H. Kim


Analysis of Quadrilateral Out-of-Step Protection Relay Operation
Authors: Ji-Kyung Park, Kwang-Hyun Kim, Chul-Hwan Kim, Ji-Sung Kang, Young-SikLyu, Jeong-Jae Yang, M. M. Saha


Development of Protective Method based on Superposition Principle along with Fault Current Limiter in Low Voltage DC Distribution System
Authors: S. Zaman, S. B. A Bukhari, M. O. Khan, G. H. Gwon, J. Han, C. H. Noh, M. Mehdi. C. H. Kim


Electromagnetic Disturbances in Gas-Insulated Substations and VFT Calculations
Authors: A. Ametani, H. Xue, M. Natsui, J. Mahseredjian


Comprehensive Investigations of Transient Processes in Medium Voltage Distribution Networks with Long-Distance Power Transmission
Authors: Alexey A. Kuzmin, Ivan Ye. Naumkin, Leonid I. Sarin, AyuurzanaErdenebileg, AltanduulgaBazarragcha


Charging Capacity Compensation Device for Application during Energization and Single-Phase Automatic Reclosing of Power Transmission Lines
Authors: D.V. Kochura, I. Ye. Naumkin, L. I. Sarin, R. I. Naumkin

Transient and Steady-State Analysis of Flyback Converter with Non-Dissipative LC Snubber
Authors: Muhammad ArifSharafat Ali, Khawaja Khalid Mehmood, Ji-Kyung Park, Chul-Hwan Kim


Load Flow Analysis for DER integrated AC/DC Distribution System affected by Converter and DC line Outages
Authors: M. Omer. Khan, S. Zaman, M. Mehdi, J. Han, G. H. Gwon, C. H. Noh, J. I. Song, C. H. Kim


New HVDC LCC replica platform to improve the study and maintenance of the IFA2000 link
Authors: Y. Vernay, A. DrouetD'Aubigny, Z. Benalla, S. Dennetière


Lightning in hybrid cable-overhead lines and consequent transient overvoltages
Author(s): F. Faria da Silva, Kasper S. Pedersen, Claus L. Bak


A First Step Towards the Implementation and Software-to-Software Validation of an Active Distribution Network Model
Authors: Aboutaleb Haddadi, Hossein Hooshyar, Jean Mahseredjian, Christian Dufour, Luigi Vanfretti


Modeling and Analysis of Resistive Type Superconducting Fault Current Limiters for Coordinated Microgrid Protection
Author(s): R. Haider, M. S. Zaman, S. B. A. Bukhari, Y. S. Oh, G. J. Cho, M. S. Kim, J. S. Kim, C. H. Kim


A Vertical Conductor Circuit Model Including Up- and Down-ward Traveling Waves
Authors: A. Yamanaka, A. Hori, H. Murakami, N. Nagaoka


Suppression of Voltage Violation in PV Connected Distribution System via Cooperation of Battery Energy Storage System and SVR
Authors: Yan Qingyuan, Mutsumi Aoki


A Design Procedure for Control Systems of Inverter-based DG in Microgrids
Authors: Toshihisa Funabashi, Shota Igarashi, Yusuke Manabe, Muneaki Kurimoto, Takeyoshi Kato


Electric Field Characteristics of Ending Box-Air (EB-A) Type Outdoor Termination under Switching Impulse Superimposed on DC Voltage
Authors: Ik-Soo Kwon, Kuniaki Sakamoto, Jae-Hong Koo, Byeong-CheolMun, Sung-Won Ahn, Dong-Uk Kim, Bang-Wook Lee


Transient Evaluation of Grounding Encased in Concrete: a Study Based on Real Measurements in Power Systems Configurations
Authors: Alex B. Tronchoni, Daniel Gazzana, Guilherme A. D. Dias, Roberto C. Leborgne, Arturo S. Bretas, Marcos Telló


Analysis of distance relay tripping an industry plant due to sympathetic inrush currents
Authors: H. Kr. Høidalen, V. Berg


New Hydro-Québec Real-Time Simulation Interface for HVDC Commissioning Studies
Authors: François Guay, Pierre-André Chiasson, Nicolas Verville, Sébastien Tremblay, Per Askvid


Transient study of rural electrification using induced voltage at transmission lines'shielding wires
Authors: J. S. Chaves, M. C. Tavares


Automation of model exchange between planning and EMT tools
Authors: C. Martin, Y. Fillion


FDTD Analysis of Distribution Line Voltages Induced by Inclined Lightning Channel
Authors: Masashi Natsui, Akihiro Ametani, Jean Mahseredjian, ShozoSekioka, Kazuo Yamamoto


A New Approach to Model Frequency Dependent Network Equivalents in Transient Simulation Tools
Authors: Meysam Ahmadi, Aniruddha M. Gole


Characterization and Transient Analysis of AC Link with Half Wavelength Line Properties under Critical Fault Condition
Authors: J. A. Santiago Ortega, M. C. Tavares.


A New Hierarchical Approach for Modeling Protection Systems in EMT-type Software
Authors: Henry Gras, Jean Mahseredjian, Emmanuel Rutovic, UlasKaraagac, Aboutaleb Haddadi, Omar Saad, IlhanKocar, Ali El-Akoum


Modeling of nonlinearities in MMC stations for real-time and offline simulation
Authors: S. Dennetière, H. Saad, J. Mahseredjian, T. Ould-Bachir


Comparison of system identification methods applied to analysis of inter-area modes
Authors: Kaur Tuttelberg, Jako Kilter, KjetilUhlen


Fault Locator Using Travelling Waves: Experience in the Belgian Transmission Network
Authors: X. Bustamante-Mparsakis, J. C. Maun


Torsional Interactions in Drivetrain System of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators Based Wind Farms
Authors: H. Y. Min, N. R. Watson


Coupled Electro-Thermal Transients Simulation of Gas-Insulated Transmission Lines Using FDTD and VEM Modeling
Authors: D. I. Doukas, T. A. Papadopoulos, A. I. Chrysochos, D. P. Labridis, G. K. Papagiannis


Estimation of Current Distribution in the Electric Railway System in the EMTP-RV
Authors: Bosko Milesevic, Bozidar Filipovic-Grcic, Ivo Uglesic


Implementation of a unified modelling between EMT tools for Network Studies
Authors: B. Bruned, C. Martin, S. Dennetière, Y. Vernay


Design and Validation of Pre-Insertion Resistor Rating for Mitigation of Zero Missing Phenomenon
Authors: Kiran Munji, Jonathan Horne, Jose Ribecca


Ferroresonance in MV Voltage Transformers: Pragmatic experimental approach towards investigation of risk and mitigating strategy
Authors: W. Piasecki, M. Stosur, T. Kuczek, M. Kuniewski, R. Javora


A Study of Solution Process Parallelization for an EMT Analysis Program Using OpenMP
Authors: Rikido Yonezawa, Taku Noda


Simulation of the effect of parameter uncertainties on transient overvoltages during power restoration: comparison with field measurements
Authors: P. Poujade, B. Caillault, M. Martínez Duró, V. Renouard, F. Zgainski


Development of a Computer Program for Calculating the Transmission-Line Constants of Cables Installed in a Tunnel Taking the Skin and Proximity Effects into Account
Authors: Yohei Tanaka, Taku Noda, Yoichi Sekiba, Eiichi Ito, Kazuhiro Misawa, Takuji Chida


New Investigations on the Method of Characteristics for the Evaluation of Line Transients
Authors: Thomas Kauffmann, IlhanKocar, Jean Mahseredjian


Equivalent Signal Theory for Frequency Domain Modeling of Linear Time-Periodic Systems: PWM Application
Authors: Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, Abner Ramirez


Case studies for high voltage network development with respect to resonance conditions
Authors: T. Kuczek, T. Chmielewski, P. Oramus


Co-Simulation of Electrical Networks by Interfacing EMT and Dynamic-Phasor Simulators
Authors: K. Mudunkotuwa, S. Filizadeh


Evaluation of the Accuracy of Real-time Digital Simulator Voltage Source Converter Models Determined from Frequency Scanning
Authors: Yi Qi, AniruddhaGole, Hui Ding, Yi Zhang


Dynamic Modeling of an Improved In-Phase Motor Bus Transfer Scheme
Authors: Normann Fischer, Joseph D. Law, Andrew G. Miles, Brian K. Johnson


Implementation of Smart DFT-based PMU Model inthe Real-Time Digital Simulator
Authors: Dinesh Rangana Gurusinghe, Dean Ouellette, Athula D. Rajapakse


Impact of Instrument Transformers and Anti-Aliasing Filters on Fault Locators
Authors: R. L. A. Reis, W. L. A. Neves, D. Fernandes Jr.


Challenges in Fault Detection and Discrimination in Multi-terminal HVDC Grids and Potential Solutions
Authors: M. H. Naushath, A.D. Rajapakse


Development of a Symmetrical Multi-Phase Synchronous Machine Model for Real-Time Digital Simulation
Authors: A. B. Dehkordi


Optimal Operation and Dispatch of Voltage Regulation Devices Considering High Penetrations of Distributed Photovoltaic Generation
Authors: Gyu-Jung Cho, Yun-Sik Oh, Min-Sung Kim, Ji-Soo Kim, Chul-Hwan Kim, Barry Mather, Bri-Mathias Hodge


Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) Testing of Synchrophasor Based Out-of-Step Protection
Authors: J. R. A. K. Yellajosula, S. Paudyal, B. A. Mork, S. Paravastu, H. Kr. Høidalen


Contribution of ESS to Grid including Multi WTGsin Power System Reliability Aspect
Authors: Ungjin Oh, Yeonchan Lee, Duy-Phuong N. Do, Zhao Jing Feng, Jaeseok Choi


Performance of Transmission Line Tower Models used for Electromagnetic Transient Studies: Comparisons with Experimental Results
Authors: A. R. J. Araújo, A. Piantini, S. Kurokawa


Verification of the Effects of the Harmonic Voltages in the Distribution System by Single-Phase SCs for Suppressing Voltage Unbalance
Authors: Y. Ikai, M. Aoki, Y. Fujita, H. Kobayashi, M. Oguri, T. Yamada


An Experimental Study on Uninterrupted Switching between Grid-Connected and Isolated Operation of Inverter Power Source
Authors: Yuki Kimpara, Muneaki Kurimoto, Yusuke Manabe, Toshihisa Funabashi, Takeyoshi Kato


Investigation and Simulation of Ground Faults and Group Ferroresonance in 6 kV Industrial Cable Network with Involvement of Results of Transients Digital Recording
Authors: A. I. Shirkovets, A. Yu. Vasilyeva, A. A. Bazavluk, A. V. Telegin


Study on Transient Overvoltages in the Converter Station of HVDC-MMC links
Authors: H. Saad, P. Rault, S. Dennetière, K. Dudas


Spurious Inductor Loss of High Switching PowerConverter in EMT Simulation Study
Authors: J. Na, H. Kim, C. Lee, K. Hur


Analysis of Switching Transients of an EHV Transmission Line Consisting of Mixed Power Cable and Overhead Line Sections
Authors: M. Kizilcay, K. Teichmann, S. Papenheim, P. Malicki


On the Measurement of the Grounding Impedance of Tall Wind Turbines
Authors: Alexander Smorgonskiy, Daniel Gazzana, Nicolas Mora, Marcos Rubinstein, Farhad Rachidi


Energization of Multi-Terminal Half-Wavelength Transmission Line
Authors: A. M. P. Mendes, M. C. Tavares, L. M. N. de Mattos


Effect of Superconducting Fault Current Limiter on Short Line Faults
Authors: Himanshu J. Bahirat, Shrikrishna A. Khaparde, Shankar Kodle, VikasDabeer


Fast Computation of the Electrical Parameters of Sector-Shaped Cables using Single-Source Integral Equation and 2D Moment-Method Discretization
Authors: M. Shafieipour, J. De Silva, A. Kariyawasam, A. Menshov, V. Okhmatovski


Massively Parallel Real-Time Simulation of Very-Large-Scale Power Systems
Authors: P. Le-Huy, M. Woodacre, S. Guérette, É. Lemieux


Minimum Delay Systems for the Modeling of Transmission Lines at EMT Power System Studies
Authors: Martin G. Vega, J. L. Naredo, O. Ramos-Leaños


Different approaches on modeling of overhead lines with ground displacement currents
Authors: Antonio C. S. Lima, Rodolfo A. M. Moura, Marco A. O. Schroeder, Maria Teresa Correia de Barros


Three-dimensional FEM model of an AC/DC hybrid high voltage transmission line to analyze the electrical field along composite insulators
Authors: D. Potkrajac, S. Papenheim, M. Kizilcay


Experimental results from field testson a 225 kV HVAC cable
Authors: I. Lafaia, J. Mahseredjian, A. Ametani, M. T. Correia de Barros, I. Koçar, Y. Fillion


CPU Based Parallel Computation of Electromagnetic Transients For Large Scale Power Systems
Authors: A. Abusalah, O. Saad, J. Mahseredjian, U. Karaagac, L. Gerin-Lajoie, I. Kocar


DC Distribution System to Enhance RES based DG Penetration through Converter Voltage Control
Authors: Bokyung Ko, Sungyoon Song, Yeuntae Yoon, Gilsoo Jang


Low inductance winding installed around GIS core-conductor dampsVery Fast Transient Overvoltages
Authors: R. Malewski, J. H. Park, W. H. Heo


Analysis of Harmonics and Resonances in HVDC-MMC Link Connected to AC grid
Authors: H. Saad, Y. Fillion


Assessment of the Steady State Voltage Stability of the Ghanaian Transmission System with the Integration of Renewable Energy Sources
Authors: M. W. Asmah, R. Baisie, B. K. Ahunu, J. M. A. Myrzik


Investigation of Statistical Distribution of Energization Overvoltages in 380 kV Hybrid OHL-Cable Systems
Authors: Hossein Khalilnezhad, Marjan Popov, Jorrit A. Bos, Jan P. W. de Jong, Lou