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An unexpected error "No such feature exists. FLEXnet licensing error -5,21

• License type: Network • Occurrence: On EMTP Opening. When trying to open EMTP, it does not open and instead the following message pops up: • Solutions: - Make sure the EMTP version matches or is older than the network license. &g

How to make sure the EMTP version matches or is older than the network license?

• License type: Network • On the client machine: - Open EMTP-RV - On the welcome page, look at the version number. Ex: EMTPWorks 3.4 • On the server: - the EMTP-RV license server manager must be installed. If it is not the case, proceed

How to make sure the server hostname in the license file is correct?

• License type: Network • On the server machine: - Open the FlexLM license manager - In the System Settings tab, take note of the Computer/Hostname: - In the Config Services tab, look at the path to the license file. - Go to the EMTP Licen

How to make sure the client license file matches the network license file?

• License type: Network The licenses on the server and client must be the same. • On the server machine: - Go to the EMTP License Server folder (by default: C:\Program Files\EMTP License Server). The path of this folder can be found in the Con

How to make sure the Client computer can access to the server hosting the EMTP-RV FlexLM license manager?

• License type: Network The client must be connected to the server in order to access the license file. Make sure the client machine is connected to the server hosting the network license. In some cases, the server firewall can restrict the license

How to upgrade a network license version?

• License type: Network When an upgrade of EMTP-RV is installed, the license file of the server must be updated. • Solutions: If you do not have the new version license file yet, on the server: - Go to EMTP License Server folder (by default: C

How to activate or update EMTP using a network license file?

• License type: Network Once the license is installed on the host server, the same license file is used to activate EMTP on each client machine. If the license is not installed on the server, proceed to the installation first. • Solutions: - S

How to install, set-up and start the EMTP-RV license server manager?

• License type: Network 1. Choose your license server machine. This will normally be a file server on your network that will be available when any other computers on the network are in use. If the license server is not running, the EMTP software ca

What are the system requirements to run EMTP?

• License type: Any The system requirements to use EMTP are: - Operating system: Windows 7 (32 bit or 64bit), Windows 8 (32 bit or 64bit) and Windows 10. - CPU: Intel Core i3 (Core i7 recommended) - Memory: 2GB or higher (8GB recommended) - Video r

What are the system requirements for EMTP license server manager?

• License type: Network Here are the operating systems supported: If Server machine is physical: - Microsoft Windows Server 2016 (64bits) - Microsoft® Windows® Server 2012 R2 (64-bit) - Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (64-bit) - Microsoft Win

How to get the status of your server license

• License type: Network The LMTOOLS must be installed in server machine. • Solutions: - Open the EMTP server tool - In « Server Status », click on « Perform Status Enquiry ». A text should appear in the box. Copy/Paste this text in a document

How to use FlexLM with several software?

• License type: Network Many software use FlexLM license manager. Where there are several ones installed in a server, this might result in conflicts between software and impossibility to uses every software at the same time. • Solution 1: crea

How to change the machine the license is attached to?

• License type: Any • Solution: If the license is a network license, first do the following 3 steps - Install FlexLM on the new machine - Open FlexLm and generate server data with "Save HostID into a file" - Send the generated file to suppor

Error message "Unhandle exception: the initialisation of 'WpfApplication1.mainWindow' found an exception" at launch

• License type: All • Occurrence: On EMTP Opening. It must mean that some DLLs are lacking, probably because your antivirus erased them after the installation. • Solutions: - Check your antivirus to see if it blocked a DLL file and cr

Error message "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect"

• License type: Any These means your computer has not all required files to launch emtp. To solve that please go to "Windows update" and make sure your computer is up to date.

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