Training on switching and lightning transients

Training objective

The objective of this training is to get familiar with the study of lightning and switching transients for insulation coordination analysis. How to model power-systems, where to find typical data, what scenarios to run and how to interpret and verify resultat are as manu questions that will be adressed. The software EMTP is used for demonstrating concepts and teaching through practical cases. Prior experience with EMTP is not required.


Training structure 

The training is presented in English.



This course was settled for a public of:

  • T&D electrical engineers

  • Consultants

  • Industry electrical engineers

  • Research personnel in industry, utilities, universities and consulting companies involved in power systems studies.

  • Post-graduated students


Computer and temporary EMTP license

Each participant will have to bring a personal computer. EMTP temporary licenses will be provided for the duration of the course.



Day 1: 

  • General introduction to EMTP

  • Typical field of applications

  • Overview of EMTP

  • Get started with EMTP:

    • Build a simple circuit

    • Run simulations

    • Look and understand the results


Day 2:

  • Insulation coordination: Introduction

    • Origin and type of Overvoltage

    • Design approach

    • Transient in network - basics

  • Slow-Front Overvoltage (switching)

    • Approach

    • Modelling and simulation

    • Results interpretation

  • Switching analysis with EMTP

    • Lab: Line re-energization

    • Controlled circuit-breaker

  • Transient Recovery Voltage

    • Origin and Definition

    • Modelling and simulations

    • Lab: TRV study

    • Prestrike/restrike

    • Labs: Observation of prestrike and restrike

  • Current chopping

    • Arc modelling: Cassie-Mayr

    • Introduction

    • Current Chopping of Small Inductive Current

    • Virtual Current Chopping

    • Lab: De-energizing a Shunt Reactor


Day 3:

  • Fast-Front Overvoltage (lightning)

    • Definitions

    • Approach

    • Modelling and simulation

    • Results interpretation

    • Lab: lightning analysis

  • Temporary overvoltage

    • Definitions 

    • Approach

    • Modelling and simulation

    • Results interpretation


Contact for training information


2120 Sherbrooke Est
Suite 1001
Montreal, Québec H2K 1C3
Phone: +1 438 870 8884




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March 21-23, 2018


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2120 Sherbrooke Est, Suite 1001
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Henry GRAS

Project Engineer, POWERSYS