The EMTP® Alliance recently signed an agreement with Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional for high performance simulations of its national transmission system

Montreal (Canada) - February 24, 2022

The EMTP® team is pleased to announce a collaboration agreement with Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional (CEN) of Chile, to fulfill their strategic objective of articulating and facilitating energy transition and innovation towards a sustainable, safe and reliable electrical system.
CEN is responsible for coordinating the operation of the national electric system, preserving electric supply with required security, in an economical manner and guaranteeing open access to transmission system.

Need for software solutions able to perform large scale simulations

This agreement follows several important objectives, including the provision of premium software licenses to Coordinador and support in the development of a digital twin of the national electricity system in EMTP®. Large-scale system analysis in time-domain will be performed, with detailed models for renewables, FACTS, HVDC, storage and other technologies. The objective is also to develop solutions to improve computational performance, accelerating simulations through, among others, parallel processing techniques on multiple cores (CPUs), control system models using compiled code and parametric analysis to simulate multiple scenarios using parallel processing.

This agreement aims to reinforce the capacities, tools and models currently used by the Coordinator for the analysis of their electrical system in scenarios of high penetration of renewable energy sources.

Why EMTP®?

EMTP® was selected because its off-line simulation engine with advanced numerical methods, offers inherently the best combination of precision and simulation speed.

EMTP® also provides the ability to perform load-flow and use load-flow results to automatically initialize EMT simulations, which opens the door for easy parametric studies where initial conditions may be changed without requiring an external third-party load-flow package.

More than just software provision

In addition of getting the best software solution the market currently offers, CEN and EMTP Alliance partner to share best practices for IBR interconnection processes: IBR model verification, large scale simulations, etc.
After only a few months of collaboration, CEN was able to perform simulations of the entire Chilean transmission system on basic laptop computers using EMTP®.

By initiating these innovative alliances, CEN has positioned itself at the level of world-class operators that are moving into more advanced modeling and simulation environments for electricity systems with significant integration of renewable energies through the use of digital twins, such as RTE in France, Hydro-Quebec in Canada, AEMO in Australia, ERCOT in the USA, among others.

More information and credit on the CEN website here.

About Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional (CEN)

Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional (CEN) is a technical, autonomous and independent organization responsible for the secure, reliable and economic operation of the Chilean’s power grid. It is a non-profit corporation of public law, with its own assets and of indefinite duration. The organization, composition, functions and powers are governed by the provisions of Law No. 20,936 and its Regulations.

About EMTP Alliance

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