The simulation of power systems transients has never been so easy!

EMTP® is the most complete and technically advanced software for simulation and analysis of power systems. It can be used for studying steady-state conditions, electromechanical transients and fast to very fast electromagnetic transients.

  • EMTP® is the reference for the simulation and analysis of electromagnetic and electromechanical transients. It is known to be the fastest, the most accurate and the most numerically stable software in the industry.
  • EMTP® has a powerful unbalanced multiphase load-flow solver capable of solving very large scale transmission and distribution grids. The load-flow solution is used to automatically initialize simulated power grids. EMTP® automatic initialization is a unique feature that enables studying transients from steady-state operating conditions. It is an essential tool for simulating transients efficiently and accurately.
  • Control and protection systems can be modelled in detail using complete libraries of components.
  • EMTP® offers a large collection of renewable energy source models, such as wind turbines and photovoltaics.
  • EMTP® offers powerful features for studying the integration of inverted based resources, such as a scanning tool for detecting unstable conditions and capability to study very large scale systems with numerous renewables.
  • EMTP® offers several powerful Toolboxes. The Toolbox of “Exciters And Governor” models contains 98 models. An advanced Protection toolbox is also available.
  • EMTP® solves nonlinear models using a unique Newton based iterative technique. Algebraic loops in control block diagrams are solved without any user intervention. There is no need to insert artificial delays and components for helping the solution process!
  • EMTP® provides advanced user-defined modeling capabilities through its graphical user interface and DLLs. The DLLs can be used for developing the most complex models by externally accessing all EMTP® solution procedures.
  • EMTP® has the most user-friendly graphical interface named EMTPWorks. EMTPWorks is a powerful and unique schematic editor where a wide range of problems from load-flow to very fast transients can be studied in the same environment.
  • EMTP® is completely scriptable. Everything that can be done by hand can be automated by scripts!
  • EMTP® uses dynamic memory allocation and can uniquely simulate arbitrary topology networks without any user intervention: What You Draw is What You Simulate!
  • There are no limitations in simulated network size.
  • EMTP® is compatible with the FMI standard.
  • EMTP® connects to Simulink (MATLAB).
  • EMTP® is capable of translating PSS®E data with complete schematic diagrams.
  • Our holders and partners are EDF, Hydro-Quebec and RTE. They have contributed significantly to the development of EMTP® and continue to collaborate closely with EMTP® developers to maintain and deliver the most sophisticated simulation tool for electromagnetic transients. EMTP® is crucial for EDF, Hydro-Quebec and RTE when it comes to the accurate simulation of electromagnetic transients in large and complex power grids.
  • EMTP® is backed by more than 35 years of experience!

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EMTP® includes:

  • Advanced machine models and their controls (Exciters, Governors, Stabilizers),
  • Accurate line and cable models and parameter calculation routines reproducing travelling waves and frequency dependency,
  • Advanced transformer models which include magnetic core saturation and hysteresis,
  • Detailed PV, Wind park, FACTS and HVDC models,
  • The most detailed protection relay models in the market,
  • Extensive library of control devices and functions,
  • Frequency-scan analysis options.

EMTP® is developed, marketed and commercialized by the EMTP Alliance.