Renewable Energy Sources (RES) integration course

Integration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES)



This course introduces participants to EMTP® as well as power system transient phenomena generally, with emphasis on large grid simulations and integration of renewable energy sources. The theory is followed by hands-on exercises and the participants will build and/or modify test cases.

  • Simulation of power system transients using EMTP®
  • EMTP® applications for simulating renewable energy sources
  • The advantages of EMTP® for accurate simulation of a wide range of power system phenomena
  • Various power system phenomena analysis using EMTP®
  • Basic and advanced level studies on the integration of renewable energy sources

Training structure 

The duration of the training course is 4 days (Monday, 13th June to Thursday, 16th June). The training starts at 8:30 am and ends at 5:00 pm every day. Lunch is included in the course fee and will take place from noon to 1:00 pm. For all participants, an exclusive dinner will be held in Lyon on Wednesday night. Training presentations and supporting EMTP® files will be provided.

The presentations are ambitious, but the instructors are experienced and have delivered similar successful courses before.


The training takes place in the new premises of the real-time HVDC and FACTS laboratory within the RTE CampusTransfo in Lyon, Europe’s largest campus dedicated to training and innovation in power transmission. Learn more about the laboratory.

Intended audience 

This course is intended for engineers and researchers who would like to gain knowledge on the simulation of power system transients. Basic and advanced level problems are considered. This is also an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with experts and colleagues in the field of power system transients and renewable energy sources.  

Computer and temporary EMTP® license

Temporary EMTP® licenses will be provided to all participants. The participants must bring their own laptop computers to the course. The EMTP® license will remain active for 30 days after the course.


Day 1 | Introduction to EMTP®

  • Theoretical background on Power System Transients
  • The range of problems simulated with EMTP®
  • The numerical methods of EMTP® and its advantages
  • EMTP® models and libraries with hands-on exercises
  • Simulation of switching circuits: models, numerical methods.
  • Line and cable modeling in EMTP® 

Day 1: Social | Wine & Cheese

Participants will enjoy a traditional wine and cheese tasting from the region of Lyon, Beaujolais, while exchanging ideas and knowledge with other attendees.

Day 2 | Simulation of large grids and renewables

  • Overview of the exciter and governor models and setup with synchronous generators
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Inverter-Based Resource (IBR) modeling
  • Temporary overvoltages (TOV) during single-phase-to-ground faults
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Transient immunity assessment

Day 3 | Simulation of renewables and HVDC systems

  • IBR Model verifications for interconnection applications
  • Sub-Synchronous Control Interaction (SSCI)
  • Impact of IBR on protections

Day 3: Social | Exclusive dinner

An exclusive dinner party will be held in Lyon on Wednesday night for all participants.

Day 4 | Simulation of HVDC systems

  • Introduction to VSC-HVDC transmission system
  • MMC-HVDC modeling and control in EMTP®
  • EMTP® modeling exercises on HVDC system dynamics
  • AC and DC faults in MMC-HVDC system
  • Overview of EMTP® studies and HVDC grid system

General conditions

Contact us at if you have questions or need more information about this training. If you cannot attend the training after registering, please contact us at the same email address.


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June 13th to June 16th, 2022


€ 2,000.00



RTE Campus Transfo
2119 Av. Henri Schneider
Jonage, Lyon, 69330




Hani Saad,
RTE International,
HVDC expert

Henry Gras,
Director of EMTP®
developments & consulting services

Jean Mahseredjian, EMTP® lead developer

Jesus Morales,
EMTP® developer

Sébastien Dennetière,
RTE International,
HVDC expert