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Author: n.sene
Type: Publication
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Date: 2015-04-02
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Simulation of the Volt/Var Control in Distribution Feeders by Means of a Networked Multiagent System

The adoption of networked multiagent systems (MAS) has been recently proposed for the solution of the volt/var control (VVC) problem in distribution feeders. However, constraints and limitations due t... see more

Tag(s): Cosimulation, medium voltage distribution feeders, multiagent systems (MAS), networked control systems (NCS), phasor measurement unit (PMU), volt/var control (VVC).
Author: admin2012
Type: Document
Downloaded: 142 times
Date: 2014-06-02
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SITL and HLA Co-simulation Platforms

Due to the necessity of developing analysis tools in the integrated ICT and power system domain, this paper describes and compares the architecture and configuration of two different ITC-power system ... see more

Tag(s): Co-simulation, OPNET, EMTP, High level architecture, System in the loop, Smart grid, OPAL-RT