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The Use of EMTP® by a Transmission System Operator (TSO)
Powersys has discussed EMTP® with Mr. Sébastien Dennetière, engineer at French transmission system operator RTE (Réseau de transport d’Electricité).

Q1 : What is the mission of your department?
A1 : Perform EMT studies for installation of new equipment, analysis of events on the transmission grid and preparation of maintenance activities.


Q2 : What was the EMTP® impact on your work?
A2 : It has a major impact on our work, 6 study engineers are working full time with EMTP®, in addition to various other R&D projects related to EMTP®.


Q3 : Can you describe a specific project in which EMTP® had a key contribution on study time and accuracy of results?
A3 : EMTP® studies helped us to evaluate solutions for limiting transient switching overvoltages for long shunt compensated EHV cables. Simulations results have been successfully compared to site measurements.

Extensive EMTP® simulations were used to adjust controller settings and limit inrush currents. Simulations have been validated against field measurements. Parametric simulations have been performed with EMTP® to analyze thousands of cases.


EMTP® Studies performed to insert Long AC Cables in the French Grid

EMTP® Users Group Meeting


We are pleased to announce the EMTP® 2015 Users Group Meeting in New Orleans July 10, 2015, Louisiana - USA
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