EMTP® studies for IBR integration at Hydro-Quebec

EMTP Webinar - 28.04 - Karine Gauthier, Pascal Prud’homme, Saad Omar and Henry Gras

Abstract: Hydro-Quebec has been involved in EMTP® development since the 80s and has collaborated with several organizations worldwide through the Development Coordination Group of EMTP (DCG-EMTP). Hydro-Quebec was the key player in the EMTP recoding project that allowed the delivery of the latest generation of the software in 2003. The new EMTP was developed at IREQ (Hydro-Quebec’s research center) from 1998 to 2003. Hydro-Quebec was the first organization to simulate its complete transmission grid in EMTP. Hydro-Quebec was also the first system operator to require that manufacturers of wind turbines provide detailed EMT-type (EMTP®) models for wind park integration studies. This webinar will present: • How EMTP simulations are integrated into Hydro-Quebec’s work process? • How EMTP simulations can complete RMS simulations? • Future simulation challenges Speakers: • Karine Gauthier, ing. • Pascal Prud’homme, ing. • Saad Omar, ing.

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