Analysis of the transformer energization and the dynamic stability of an offshore gas platform​

The scope of work concerned the power system of an offshore gas platform. The system is composed of a 100kV substation, connected from the upstream network through subsea cables and to the


Transformer energization study and the analysis of TRVs in a transmission substation​

The scope of work concerned a HV/LV substation supplied by transmission overhead lines and feeding 20MW motors.​

The objective was to analyze the transformer energization of the power


Capacitor bank switching study for a utility located in North America

A medium voltage/high voltage 100MVA substation located at the end of a relatively long radial transmission line was studied. A load increase was forecasted for the next years and it was planned to replace the actual capacitor bank by a 50MVAR unit to


Harmonic analysis of a photovoltaic power plant​​

The scope of work concerned a solar power plant located in North America. The objective was to analyze the harmonics produced by the photovoltaic units in order to verify the compliance with the IEEE 519